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Golden way Consultancy is 10 years professional business institute around the Sri Lanka .You are mostly welcome for our new business branches.

To be the most trusted and respected professional service firm recognized by our clients for delivering excellence.

# ššŽš’šˆš“šˆšŽš : Banking Assistant ( Male / Female )

School Leavers are welcome to Apply. (Training will be provided)

# š‘š„šš”šˆš‘š„šŒš„šš“š’ :

# šŸ’¼ ššŽš’šˆš“šˆšŽš | ą¶­ą¶±ą¶­ą·”ą¶» : Banking Assistant ( Male / Female )

# šŸ’  š‘š„šš”šˆš‘š„šŒš„šš“š’ | ą·ƒą·”ą¶Æą·”ą·ƒą·”ą¶šą¶øą·Š :

怐~怑ā€¢ Must have Computer Literacy.
怐~怑ā€¢ Age 18-35
怐~怑ā€¢ Should have ā€œSā€ passes for Mathematics and English in
怐~怑āœŖ “C” Grade for O/L English
怐~怑āœŖ Must have completed a Computer Course & having an IT Knowledge

# āœ… šš„šš„š…šˆš“š’ | ą·€ą¶»ą¶“ą·Šā€ą¶»ą·ƒą·ą¶Æ :

怐~怑āœŖ ą¶†ą¶šą¶»ą·Šą·ą¶±ą·“ą¶ŗ ą·€ą·ą¶§ą·”ą¶“ą¶šą·Š ą·ƒą·„ ą¶…ą¶±ą·™ą¶šą·”ą¶­ą·Š ą·€ą¶»ą¶“ą·Šā€ą¶»ą·ƒą·ą¶Æ ą¶»ą·ą·ƒą¶šą·Š ą¶“ą·’ą¶»ą·’ą¶±ą·ą¶øą·š.

# āœ… š‡šŽš– š“šŽ š€ššš‹š˜ | ą¶…ą¶ŗą¶³ą·”ą¶øą·Š ą¶šą¶½ą¶ŗą·”ą¶­ą·” ą¶†ą¶šą·ą¶»ą¶ŗ āœļø :

ą¶‰ą·„ą¶­ ą¶­ą¶±ą¶­ą·”ą¶» ą·ƒą¶³ą·„ą· ą·ƒą·”ą¶Æą·”ą·ƒą·–ą¶ø ą¶“ą·”ą¶Æą·Šą¶œą¶½ą¶ŗą· ą¶”ą¶¶ ą¶±ą¶øą·Š, ą¶øą·™ą¶ø ą¶Æą·ą¶±ą·Šą·€ą·“ą¶øą·š “Apply for this job” ą·„ą¶»ą·„ą· ą·„ą· ą¶“ą·„ą¶­ ą·ƒą¶³ą·„ą¶±ą·Š ą¶Æą·”ą¶»ą¶šą¶®ą¶± ą¶…ą¶‚ą¶šą¶ŗ ą·„ą¶»ą·„ą· ą¶…ą¶ŗą¶³ą·”ą¶øą·Š ą¶šą¶»ą¶±ą·Šą¶±.

ļ¼ƒšŸ“³ š“’š“øš“·š“½š“Ŗš“¬š“½ | ą¶Æą·”ą¶»ą¶šą¶®ą¶± ą¶…ą¶‚ą¶šą¶ŗ :076 2217397
ļ¼ƒšŸ“³ š“’š“øš“·š“½š“Ŗš“¬š“½ | ą¶Æą·”ą¶»ą¶šą¶®ą¶± ą¶…ą¶‚ą¶šą¶ŗ : 076 1440741
ļ¼ƒ šŸ“§ šøš“‚š’¶š’¾š“ | ą¶Š-ą¶øą·šą¶½ą·Š ą¶½ą·’ą¶“ą·’ą¶±ą¶ŗ
# šŸ“Ŗ š“š“­š“­š“»š“®š“¼š“¼ | ą¶½ą·’ą¶“ą·’ą¶±ą¶ŗ :No: 53/1, Horana Road, Kottawa, Pannipitiya

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